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How to Improve Your Local SEO

If you’re a small business selling products and services locally, it’s important to consider how the local ranking of your website can help you. Local SEO is all about optimising your website to help Google better understand your location, and consequently improve your chances to rank locally.  

In this article, we’re going to touch on a few tips on how you can improve your local SEO.

Let’s get to it.

5 tips to improve your local SEO 

Here are 5 things that you can start implementing today that will help you improve your local search visibility and start ranking for more relevant, local keywords.

Optimise your Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is your first move in improving your local SEO efforts. This is especially true if you want to show up in the local map pack.

Create a Google Business Profile, choose the right primary categories for your business, add your locations and photos, and ensure you post updates often.

Add local business schema structured data

As a local business that primarily serves local customers, you’ll want to leverage every opportunity that you can. Local business schema can help Google and other search engines better understand the content of your website, address, and local aspects of your business. Be sure to use LocalBusiness schema for that.

NAP Syndication

Local business directories are a huge factor in your local SEO efforts and should be given the time required. Google uses other directories to determine how important you are locally; as such, spend some time adding your business to local online business directories – be sure to add your Name, Address and Phone number exactly how it is on your website and Google Business Profile.

Optimise your content for local rankings

If a keyword isn’t on your website, Google won’t rank your website for it. Try to include as much local content on your website as possible; this can be done in the form of blog posts, review pages, and more. If you’re a business with more than 1 location, set up and write pages for each of these locations.

Add your location to your title

As obvious as it may seem, many people overlook this one. To help improve your locally ranking, add your keyword in your title alongside your main keywords. Remember to not lose sight of the readability and importance of your title to your users; don’t go overboard trying to stuff keywords and locations into your titles.