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Move Over Chrome! Firefox is Making a Comeback

Chrome is one of the most used browsers for Windows, Mac and mobile devices despite the fact that it will eat your RAM for breakfast, lunch and dinner – not literally, but it is very resource intensive. However Chrome is full of features that people love using and has remained as the top browser for several years now.

Google has now changed the rules and Chromium browser extensions such as ad blockers and privacy tools will no longer work if they are reliant on an API called Manifest v2 (MV2). From January 2023, chrome will stop running extensions created using Mv2, even enterprise versions of Chrome will prevent Mv2 extensions running by the end of June 2023.

Most extensions designed to block adverts and protect your privacy will be less effective even if they make the transition from Mv2 to the new Manifest v3. It means that people who use Chrome for personal use are not going to be getting those ad blocking and privacy capabilities.

Mozilla Firefox is the best alternative to Chrome or any other Chromium browsers. Firefox Quantum is very light on resources, easily customisable and tracking protection. Not only does the browser delete all your data after your private browsing session ends, but it also blocks online trackers which chase you across websites to serve you more and more ads . Firefox uses its own rendering engine written in Rust and it has nothing to do with Chromium. It’s worth giving it a chance.

With this rule change, Ad Blockers will become less effective, and with the cut-off date looming, many people will be left seeking alternative extensions and browsers. With Firefox’s increased support of ad blocking, this could potentially re-establish Firefox’s former glory as a household name.