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Why Meta?

As part of a new strategy to dominate the metaverse, Facebook recently relaunched as ‘Meta’. Meta is the rebranding effort by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to represent the company’s vision of virtual reality for the future, an idea he calls the “metaverse”. Mark says the move signifies and is an indication that the company is now much broader than just the social media platform (which will still be called Facebook).

As part of the rebrand, Zuckerberg and the company have been talking more and more about the concept of the metaverse – a sense of integrating real and digital worlds more seamlessly, using technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

We may eventually come to define how we work, learn, and socialize based on the metaverse. Therefore, VR and AR will expand beyond their current niche uses and become everyday tools that we will soon rely on. From Facebook’s current approach to social media, it is possible to guess what its vision for the metaverse looks like. By generating revenue based on power, control, and surveillance, it has transformed our online lives into enormous monetary streams.