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How to Find Topics to Write on

Writing blogs and articles can become more and more difficult as you do it. Those creative juices tend to run dry after a few dozen articles – So, how can you keep writing articles when you can’t even come up with a topicto write on.

Here are 5 tips to finding topics that you can write on:

1. Use Google

As it goes for most things in life – Google it. Google has data on millions of people, what they are searching for and what they are clicking on. You can leverage this to find great blog topics. Just start typing your target keywords into the magical search box – and see what interesting predictive searches come up.

For example, if you are targeting skateboards – type in “skateboards”. Google suggests “for beginners”, “for kids”, and “near me”. These last one might not be applicable, but if you’re looking to write an outreach article about learning to skateboard, make a note of this demand for beginner material. If you do want to target your local area, then using locational keywords will help to boost your profile in your area.

2. Google Again

Google has a multitude of tools that can help you find relevant and trending topics. These are invaluable if you want to keep your content marketing outreach topical and current.

Google Alerts lets you set up a daily, weekly, or as-it-happens news alert for certain keywords – and get notified anytime something with those keywords is published.

Google Trends lets you see… trends. Plug in a couple of keywords and you’ll see the amount of Google searches for that term over a certain period, and how they compare to one another. This is great for seeing what’s hot and what’s not.

Keeping your outreach content topical will encourage more shares and thus be more editor-friendly

3. See what people are sharing

BuzzSumo lets you see which posts get the most shares on the internet on specific topics. It also lets you see where those shares came from, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.

First of all, type in one of your keywords. Let’s say you’re trying to think of outreach article topics about the Email Marketing. The results might show an article about the POPI Act that you could write an opinion piece on, or a cool infographic about.

4. Social Media

Its not just for procrastination. Social media shows you what people are actually talking about. These trends are the best way to find topics – they are relevant and people are searching for them.

However, beware of just going after trends without understanding them. Utilising a meme in the wrong way can hurt you brand more than it can help it.

Spending a bit of time researching is vital for your content marketing outreach. Make sure that your content is relevant, interesting, and shareworthy.