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How to identify ChatGPT content

ChatGPT is a language tool powered by AI tech that allows you to have conversations, create and edit content and more using a simple chatbot.  You can use ChatGPT to answer questions like ‘What is a Marketing Strategy’ or it can create an article for you like  ‘Create me a 500 word article on marketing vs brand strategy’.  One of the nifty features is that if you are unhappy with the content you can simply click on the Regenerate Content button and the article will be created for you from scratch.  So how do you identify this AI created content; it’s simple use another AI bot that checks for AI created content.  You can use sites like the three below to check how ‘human’ the content is seen as:

So I tested this article (which I wrote from scratch) including this sentence and the bullet points below  (I had to test twice) and I got the following (1 is bad and is seen as a AI created content, where 100 is good and seen as human generated content):

  • Content at Scale: Human score 100
  • Corrector App: Human score 99.98
  • COPYLEAKS: Human score 99.99