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The Future of Content Marketing

According to SEMRush’s State of Content Marketing 2022 Global Report, the Top Three trends for Content Marketing this year are:

Personalised Content

Good content has to tick all the boxes. Not only does it need to resonate with your consumer on a personal level; it also has to be Google-friendly. The focus on personalised content for 2022 is essential in order to improve the overall quality and experience for consumers.  


The focus of your content needs to be driven by target market research. What resonates with your consumer, what keeps them coming back, what makes them loyal customers? This could involve expanding your content creation from news & blog articles into short & long-form video content instead.

Set Measurable Goals

Your goals need to be reviewed on a regular basis. Is your content achieving the desired results? If not, why not? Every piece of content needs to be strategically planned and thought out and then, based on the results, optimised accordingly.

The importance of content marketing is increasing! Don’t let your opponents get the competitive edge.